Robert Heasley, PhD, LMFT
Individual, Couples & Family Therapy

I work with individuals, couples and families to create positive changes in their lives.  This includes those struggling in areas such as self-esteem, intimacy, addressing emotional needs, healing from past hurts/trauma, a history of neglect or abuse, or challenges regarding gender and sexuality.  I work with couples, straight/lesbian/gay, who are working on their relationship, whether as a result of an affair, or realizing differences that keep them from being close.  My research focuses on men and the effects of expectations on men’s lives.  Pursuing therapy represents a longing to heal.  My work is about supporting that process.  My work with men has focused on concerns about sexuality, intimacy, commitment, and issues about fathers, childhood trauma as well as masculinity.  Work with couples has focused on issues concerning relationship disenchantment, affairs, divorce, struggles over life decisions regarding careers, children, and change in general in a couple’s life.

I have taught extensively at the university level in the area of sexuality, gender, counseling and related areas.  My research focuses on men and relationships, issues of intimacy, raising boys, fathering, healing from sexual abuse and other sexual challenges.  I bring a therapist and educator background to my work with clients.



Brother Robb Carter, MSW
Individual, Youth, Adults and Group Therapy

As the Co-Director of Men’s Resource Center, I work with individuals and groups of men and women.  I began my professional career working at Thomas Jefferson Community Mental Health Center (later to become CATCH, Inc.).  After a decade of employment within the community mental health system, I transitioned to the Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital a highly rated locked psychiatric facility. Working primarily with very distressed youth and adults, I focused on utilizing therapeutic games as intervention strategies for behavioral change.

In the early nineties, I began counseling men and youth working to eliminate abusive behavior within their relationships. Abuse and exploitation are major staples within our culture; consequently, abuse occurs in relationships particularly within communities where there is a high level of violence.  Abusive behavior is learned and I have been very fortunate to assist many people in unlearning damaging ways of relating.  “Hurt people, hurt people” is a mantra I have repeated numerous times while engaging traumatized youth and adults.  I believe this mantra continues to be a helpful tool.  And with guided therapeutic assistance the above mantra will never be an excuse to continue hurting others.

As a part time lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice and Graduate School of Education my research centers on healing from racial trauma; understanding white supremacy /racism; and teaching African and African-American History and Culture as a protective factor.  I am also a performance artist and life time board members of Women Organized Against Rape.


Board of Directors

Rob Garfield:  Dr Rob Garfield is a psychotherapist and clinical professor who teaches family therapy in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania.  He is the author of “Breaking the Male Code:  Unlocking the Power of Friendship” (New York: PenguinRandomHouse, 2015).

John Taylor:  John G. Taylor, MACC, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Philadelphia, PA.  He works with individuals, couples and families that are dealing with anxiety, suicidal ideations, and sexual identity.  He is the co-author of the book; A Pocket Guide For Young Men Without Men Without Fathers to be released June 2017.  John has spent many years in the Criminal Justice System working with men that abuse their intimate partners and he is passionate about educational and counseling initiatives that help men with their depression, marital conflicts, anger, sexuality and life transitions.

Lyn Groome:  Lyn Groome is a psychotherapist on the clinical staff of two practices, outside of the city.  The therapeutic populations she works with are couples and individual adults.

Alex Bove:  Alex Bove teaches at Community College of Philadelphia and is a Ph.D candidate in Human Sexuality Education at Widener University.  In addition to researching Men & Masculinities, Alex also curates Talk Like a Man, a social media project designed to foster an ongoing conversation about masculinity in the 21st Century.

Trevor Evans:  Trevor Evans is a licensed clinical social worker with 35 years of experience in social service and academic settings.  He has extensive experience in addiction, curriculum development, teaching and clinical practice.  Currently, he works for DGR Behavioral Health, working with males across the life cycle, couples, and families.  Specialize in areas of anxiety, depression, PTSD and ADHD.

Bill Muth:  Bill Muth is the Owner of Upper Darby Hardware Co. Inc.  His wish is to combine the knowledge of his past consumerism of an abuser with the wisdom of his education and redemption.  He is currently a strong advocate for men and women dealing with relational problems.